In-line extractor fan ventilation installation in Holmfirth

An example of an inline fan

Powerful ventilation solutions

In this post we're talking about extraction and ventilation. Whether it be in the bathroom, kitchen or elsewhere, ventilation is essential to ensure your property or business does not become damp and mouldy.

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Problems with your extractor fan?

Is your extractor fan, whether in your kitchen or bathroom failing to clear steam or food fumes? This might be due to the fact that integrated fans are less powerful than the in-line equivalents. In-line fans are powerful albeit relatively bulky units in comparison with integrated fans; they are very much suited to being hidden away in either loft space, floor voids, or in this case a plant room.

In the example here, our electricians in Holmfirth were carrying out a brand new installation rather than fixing an existing ventilation issue. We opted for an in-line fan here because we lacked an adjacent external wall to core drill through, making an in-line fan the best option.

The extra power provided by the in-line fan is also required in this installation to ensure effective ventilation, due to the length of the run of ducting required to reach the outer wall.

Finally, a wide selection of stylish duct covers are available - a brushed chrome finish was chosen here.


An inline extractor fan
A ductwork installation
Installing a duct in a toiler
Finished ductwork install in a toilet
Stylish duct cover

Controlling ventilation with smart home tech

A selection of Lutron modules

The fans are controlled using Lutron RA2 select switch modules, as are the lights in the toilets here. Both switch modules are triggered simultaneously with a Lutron occupancy sensor when the customer walks in to the toilet. The sensor itself has an adjustable built in delay time before it turns both the lights and the fan off when it detects vacancy.

Lights and fans can also be controlled independently if required using the Lutron app; or by using a Pico switch which can be easily paired to switch modules without needing an app.

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