What happens when you can’t get the lights back on?

Smart home lighting install in Meltham

Why won’t my breaker reset?

Heritage Electrical emergency electrician callouts are available 24/7 to help you out when this is the case. In this example, we were called to a customers home who had lost his downstairs lights and could not get the lighting circuit to reset.

Have a look at the video to see how Heritage managed to sort this problem out for our customer who desperately needed an electrician in Meltham, with a full description below the video!

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Why has my breaker tripped?

There are many reasons why a circuit breaker, RCD or fuse might trip. Often it can be an easy fix to get the power back on. In this case unfortunately the wiring of the lighting circuit was beyond repair and needed replacing. 

Rewiring your electrical installation can be a messy process - something our customer was keen to avoid. In this case we managed to rewire his entire downstairs lighting circuit, creating minimal dust and debris in the process by making use of wireless RF switching modules. This removes the need for chasing wiring into walls to control the lights: this job is done by wireless switches which communicate with the separate separate RF modules.

Cables can be run back to a single point where all RF modules can be mounted to keep the install neat and tidy, also providing a convenient access point for maintenance or expansion of the system.

Quinetic modules

Using this solution allowed the customer and his young family to continue living in the property whilst the work was being carried out - another potential cost implication to consider for the customer.

Heritage has a selection of preferred manufacturers whose equipment we choose to fit due to our experience of its build quality and reliability. However in this instance we were able to install a more cost effective option for the customer using Quinetic modules which he sourced and supplied. These products proved to do the required job of simple switching arrangements adequately and had a very simple setup process.

Do I need an RCD?

The new circuit needed to be compliant with the 18th Edition wiring regulations: in other words any lighting circuits in a domestic dwelling require additional protection from an RCD (or RCCB - same thing!)

Luckily, we had access to a spare way in a newer RCD-protected board in the garage.

Their main consumer unit located in the house was of the old-rewire-able fuse type, with plug-in MCBs in place of fuses: no RCD protection, therefore we could not use this board for our new circuit.

This is something to bear in mind if you find yourself having similar problems: if you have an ageing installation, you may need a board upgrade to accommodate any new additions or repairs you might be considering.


The customer's newer RCD board

Please check out our blog post on consumer units explained if you’re unsure what any of these acronyms mean.

To summarise, even though we weren’t able to get power on there and then at the time of callout, we were able to discuss, arrange and carry out a bespoke installation for the customer based on their financial requirements and living arrangements. Using wireless switching and smart home tech, rewiring doesn’t have to be messy! If you have a similar problem we cover a wide area: if you need an electrician in Meltham, an electrician in Mossley, an electrician in Marple, or an electrician in Marsden, we are available 24/7!

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