Domestic Electrical Installation

Heritage can design and install any aspect of a domestic electrical system. Here are some examples of recent work carried out from a variety of jobs across Yorkshire and the North West. You'll see examples of the types of accessories, lighting and sockets we like to use and also what might be involved in job you are considering having done.

Please also check out our blog where a number of our jobs are covered in more detail.

In short we offer:
• Lighting design and installation
• Automated app-controlled lighting
• Heating control services
• Installation of additional circuits
• CCTV and security alarm installation
• Networking and data installation
• Partial and full re-wires
• Condition reporting

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Full domestic rewire, Didsbury, Manchester

Installation of the new consumer unit

The finished board

Installation of electric underfloor heat mat

Installation of the heating control wiring centre

Installation of IP rated LED tape in the bathroom

LED bathroom tape

The finished LED tape effect

Hamilton USB sockets

Astro downlights for the bathroom

This is an example of a full rewire in Manchester for which Heritage has carried out:
• Lighting design, installation and automation
• CCTV installation
• Security alarm installation
• Wet and dry underfloor heating installation with app-control
• Networking and data points throughout

Replacement and upgrade of electric gates, Glossop

Replacement of the wiring centre

Bolting on the new motor unit

The new motor

Preparation of the plate for mounting the new motor

This lady's electric gates had malfunctioned due to moisture ingress in the delicate electronics of both the wiring centre and the motors themselves.

Unfortunately it wasn't a simple like for like swap: the original motors were no longer manufactured. Heritage organised a suitable alternative product, and co-ordinated the welding of new mounting plates for the replacement motors.

During the course of testing the gate install, we also came across some faults within the installation supplying the motor wiring centre, and made recommendations for remedial works to ensure safety moving forward.

Fault finding and consumer unit upgrade in Sheffield

The original consumer unit

The original position of the consumer unit and metering equipment

Part way through the new installation..

The finished installation

The (almost) finished consumer unit

We received an electrical emergency callout to this lady's property after she was having trouble in Sheffield losing electrical power constantly. We quickly determined her RCD was faulty (only one in the board). She also expressed an interest in adding some new circuits in the near future; the board was full to the brim. Finally, access to the board and the metering equipment was very awkward - her DNO refused to fit a smart meter in its current position.

We carried out a consumer unit upgrade at the property, extended the original cabling and arrange for the metering equipment to be moved to a more accessible position. Adding RCD protection in line with 18th Edition regulations to circuits which had previously had none also required a bit of fault finding on some existing circuits. The new board has RCBO and surge protection for extra safety, and can be easily expanded in the future.

Problem with the lights in Meltham

The original consumer unit

Beginning the extension of original cabling

Finished cable joints

The new, finished unit

Labels and circuit schedule provided to the customer

New lighting circuit Meltham

What happens if the lights won't come on in your house? You can call Heritage Emergency Electricians in Yorkshire!

This customer had a problem with blown fuses at his property in Meltham. We identified rodent damage on some of the cabling, and rewired his downstairs lighting circuit.

We did this using a wireless light switch solution to avoid a messy rewire situation.

You can check out our full blog post on this job here.